Thursday, 20 October 2011

Elle and H&M Fashion Network Event

Last night I went to the Elle and H&M fashion network event in London's Oxford Street H&M! I didn't know what to expect really, cause I'd never been to something like that before, but I really enjoyed it. When we got there (I went with my mum) we got given free cocktails, yummy! and listened to a talk by Anna Ogundehin, Elle's executive fashion editor. Later after we got to meet some of the members of Elle to talk, and Anna pushed through a crowd of girls and approached me to talk! weird haha, and almost forgot what I wanted to ask her. Oh and we got a free goodie bag, which was nice, got some cute stuff in it and bought a new outfit with my 20% VIP discount, including a new furry leopard print hat! Wanna go up to London more often.

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